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Membrane Filtration in the Dairy Industry

  • Rusthi projects set the industry standard for milk processing and has developed some of the most widely used technologies .
  • Rushi Plant removing water contain from milk
  • Membrane ltration is separation process which separates a liquid two stream by means of semi permeable membrane
  • The two streams are referred to as retentateand permeate.
  • By using membrane, it is possible to separate water contain form milk and whey.
  • Reverse osmosis also used to concentration milk to reduce shipping volumes for transport.
  • Increase the SNF from 8.0 % to 9.0 % If System will have milk ow rate of 1000 LPH which will remove 200-300 liter of water. Output of system will be 700-800 LPH with 8.5 –9.0 SNF
  • Membrane system is designed for removal of water for whole milk which consists of our own make full t membrane especially developed for dairy application.
  • Reverse osmosis is a high pressure-driven membrane ltration process which is based on very dense membrane. In principle, only water passes through the membrane layer.
  • In the dairy industry, reverse osmosis is normally used for concentration or volume reduction of milk and whey, milk solids recovery and water reclamation
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